we are the coolist mu-ufukrs evahhhh, u dont even kno!!! this is our site;!!! we love My Litte Pony soo we made this site for like minded fans. not finished!! :(((( but wil b soooon!!!! :)))))))
DJ Spikenasty
**hocus pocus!**

another success ful year !! theer was a magic show/murder/suicide (posting vid in the “PIX” page!) and moer drawings to post later!

By Slappy
July 20, 2015
hard wor hard fun!

OK.. we have soooo much planned!! … come out to the 4th annual TROT CON!! dun dun DUNNN!!! weve been working REALLLY hard for the past mnths and it’s going to be AWESOME !! coplays and boooze!!! and other things … (shHH!1 its a secret!!!)

By Slappy
June 2, 2015

WE R GOING BACK TO TROT CON THIS YEAR!!!!! and we hav things planed!! PLZ COME! we aplied for a panel thi s year(totally legit!!!) ITS GOIN TO BE GREAT & we get to see our friends form last year!!!!!! im so excite!

By Slappy
August 19, 2014
they all dyed!

IT WAS GREATTTT!!! we had pony trials and killed them all! It was fun, trust me! :p A lOt of last minute work :ppp moar drawings to post laterrr! We bought alll kinds of stuff!also, we gave prizes and had lots of fun. We both got really trashed :p more later…

By Slappy
July 29, 2014
my liver is sad! :(

SO THE CONVENTION WAS GREAT !!! MADE SOOOO MANY FROENDS!! XD wE FOUNd a empty panel room and took up space at the table and talked about ALL SORTS OF THINGS. Will post the pics that our new freinds dreww !!!!

By Slappy
July 27, 2013

so we are DEFINITELY going 2 the BRAND NEW ……. TROT CON !!! in columbus oh. !!!!!

By Slappy
January 7, 2013
they diserved it >:[

SO…. I lost my job (they cuaght me spitting into the fryer! :p} and his car is out of comision :(( so we will NOT be able to make it 2 the fair!!!!!!!::((((((((

By Slappy
June 20, 2007

in the makes is a game(!!!!!), my friend is making, more soooon!!!!!

By Slappy
April 14, 2007
i can drive!!

so there is a My little pony fair in Memphis Tn! Just cloes enough I hav a lisence now so we hope to go next year in july! (2007)!!!

By Slappy
November 6, 2006

so we werent able to go becaues my mom wouldnt take us :(((

By Slappy
August 17, 2004

Ther is finallly a My Little pon thing irl!!! the first evar, 2004 my Little pony fair in Las Vagus! Hopping we can go, and met people

By Slappy
March 14, 2004

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